Mulch Delivery

Place an order for mulch to be delivered to your home. Orders can be made from the Norfolk or Norwood location. No minimums required. Order as much or as little as you need. Local deliveries only.

Call or come in to place orders. Norfolk:(508) 384-2355 Norwood: (781) 762-0962

  • Pitch Black Mulch 
  • 100% Pure Hemlock Mulch 
  • Dark Premium Pine Blend 
  • Light Premium Pine Blend 
  • Red Cedar Mulch 
  • Delivery charge of $30 per job.

Use this tool to help determine how much mulch you will need.

From left to right: Dark Pine, 100% Hemlock, Light Pine, Red Cedar

Aside from giving your garden a tidy appearance and a feeling of continuity, mulch serves several important purposes.

  • Mulch retains moisture, which saves you time and resources. A bed with a layer of mulch on top will stay at a consistent level of moisture, fostering healthy plant growth.
  • Mulch also prevents erosion. When soil is exposed to the elements is will becomes hard and compact allowing water and nutrients to run right off.  This impenetrable earth can become extremely hot. A few inches of mulch will keep the soil from being washed away, prevent plant roots from becoming exposed, and keep the soil at the proper temperature.
  • A layer of mulch will also reduce fast-growing weeds that would otherwise take over your garden.

Our top-quality mulch comes from MB Bark in Auburn, Maine.  It is all natural, containing no harmful chemicals, and is perfectly safe for yards with children or pets.