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    Welcome to Village Green Nurseries! We are a retail garden center with locations in Norwood and Norfolk, Massachusetts. We sell perennials, annuals, hangers, flats, pots, and tubs of flowers. We have a very wide variety including Proven Winners hangers and flats.

    We also sell a very wide variety of shrubs and trees. We can help you select flowering shrubs, weeping cherry trees, arborvitae, boxwood, and so much more from both of our locations. Come by and ask any of our staff to help you select the right shrubs and trees for your yard.

    Mulch can be delivered to your home for local delivery Spring through Summer. We offer five popular colors of mulch. Click for information on our Mulch Delivery.

Summer is coming

Summer is coming. We have so much color ready for your gardens and yards.

Create a Fairy Garden

When we first got the Fairy Gardening products in, we started creating these moss baskets.  They are great for using in potted gardens, window boxes, or anywhere you need small accents.

What are Fairy Flowers?

This is a great project to start with the kids for Mother’s Day or any day. These container gardens are great for keeping indoors or out.

Here you can see the detail in the moss baskets.

I also paired them with some pansies.

More information on the products here.
What are Fairy Flowers?
What is a Fairy Garden?

Do you think you’ll plant a tiny garden?


Hostas are a great way to add green to your garden. Hostas are also a perennial and are shade-tolerant plants. They are known for their vibrant, striking foliage.  We have several varieties for you to choose from.  Come in and ask any one of our staff to help you select the right shrubs or plants for your yard.